SNCD-101 - Sunshine - Heat

Track List:

1. Grandfathers Polka

2. Heal Spur Oberek

3. Carousel

4. Our Town

5. Benny's Problems

6. Uncle Julius

7. When I Return Oberek

8. Polka Joker

9. Crying Girl Waltz

10. Tell Me That You Love Me


Mike Nowakowski - Accordion, Concertina, Vocals, Leader

Scrubby - Concertina, Accordion, Vocals

Dave Nigel Kurdziel - Bass, Vocals

Tom Picciano - Trumpet, Clarinet

Dennis Paner - Trumpet

Hank Marzuchowski - Drums

The LP that started it all is now on CD!! Sunshine - HEAT!! This was a groundbreaking recording that took the Polka World by storm back in 1985. Tho Sunshine had been playing the Buffalo Polka Scene for some years prior, the addition to Dave "Scrubby" Seweryniak added a punch to the band that was like no other. This 1st LP created many hits for the band especially Li'l Wally's famous Crying Girl Waltz and Trel-Tones classic Tell Me That You Love Me Polka. Also included is a great Honky Classic Benny's Problems.

Recorded at Squire Studios - Buffalo, New York - 1985

Producer - Sunshine Productions

  • SNCD-101 Leaving Warsaw2:02
  • SNCD-101 - Crying Girl Waltz3:05