XV & IV - Fifteen Years & Nine Studio Recordings, This was the 9th recorded in 1983. It was the follow up recording to the famous Live Wire, but with changes in the band, could it hold up to that infamous LP? Absolutely!!

With the departure of Larry Trojack and the addition of Pennsylvania native Robin Pegg on the Drums, The Dynatones changed their sound to a more aggressive and experimental style of Polka Music.


  • SNCD-102 - She LIkes Kielbasa.mp30:00
  • SNCD-102 - Happy Life2:31

SNCD-102 - The Dynatones - XV & IV

Recorded at Squire Studios - Buffalo, New York - 1983

Produced by Jen Records & Sunshine Productions

David Scrubby Seweryniak - Concertina, Vocals

Al Piatkowski - Accordion, Vocals

Robin Pegg - Drums

Dave Nigel Kurdziel - Bass, Piano

Sonny Wanderlich - Trumpet

Mike Evan - Trumpet

Track List:

1. Trip To Poland

2. She Likes Kielbasa

3. Star Bright Oberek

4. Farm Road

5. My Baby's Coming Back

6. Buffalo

7. Happy Life

8. Green Grove

9. Red Rose

10. I'm Telling You Oberek

11. Monopol

12. Best Wishes