SNCD-103 - Sunshine - Polka Life

It’s 22 years old and Polka Life from the Sunshine and Scrubby era is now available on CD. This one is as fresh today as it was then, an excellent recording with unique studio touches and musical power that grabs the listener from the very first song. The concertina, horns, beat and crispness in the sound is timeless. “Zosia’s Picking Berries,” “First Time” as only Scrubby can do it, “At the Bar,” and my personal favorite “Trim Trim” make this dozen-track CD a superb recording.

The Polka Life edition of Sunshine had Picciano and Burka on horns, Scrubby on box, Mike Nowakowski on accordion. Nigel on bass and Hank Marzuchowski on drums. Even if you has this on vinyl, you need this CD in your collection. Contact Sunshine Records, S.D.E., P. O. Box 652, West Seneca, NY 14224.

  • SNCD-103 - First Time2:16
  • SNCD-103 - Trim Trim Oberek2:12

Album Review by Steve Litwin (per

Track List:

1. Hit em' In The Head

2. In Krakow

3. Zosia's Picking Berries Oberek

4. Here Comes My Katie

5. First Time

6. Turn Things Right Around

7. Up The Hill

8. Poor Girl

9. Trim Trim Oberek

10. At The Bar

11. Thanks Mom Waltz

12. Take Me To Paradise (Feat. Katie Seweryniak)

Recorded at Squire Studios - Buffalo, NY - 1986

Produced by Sunshine Productions