• SNCD-250 - Alice3:52
  • SNCD-250 - Bright Star2:54

Track List:

1. Alice - Tadj on Vocal, Gary adds a "TOUCH" of "Boots Randolph" Sax Licks
2. Bright Star Polka - Ken vocal, a local favorite...
3. I Can't Reach That Far - An original composition sung by its creator Mike
4. Krakowiak Polka - instrumental featuring Gary Krew on reeds
5. Bridal Dance Polka - Rick Vocal.
6. In My Garden Polka - Gary vocal
7. Waltz Medley - Ken Vocal "Tribute to our pal Jerry" Tom W. on Concertina
8. Girls From Chicago Polka - Ken vocal
9. My Pigeons Polka - Gary vocal.. (A "Touch" of New Brass)
10. Our Pal Oberek -instrumentally featuring the Buffalo Touch
11. Monday Morning Polka - Ken vocal
12. Nasza Pani Polka--Mike Vocal an Accordion featured Polka .
13. Karolinka Polka - Rick vocal
14. Eddie's Polka - instrumental featuring the Touch
15. I'll Bet You My Heart - special guest Al Krew Vocal
16. When We Met Polka - Robin Pegg vocal

After a 4 year hiatus from the recording studio, the 3 time Grammy nominated Polka band The Buffalo Touch, has completed the finishing "touches" on their latest CD "Back In Touch"

This Cd features the band's last original member Ken Machelski, back after a brief absence in 2011 on trumpet & vocals, along with Polka Hall Of Famer, Mike Nowakowski accordion & vocals, Rick Pijanowski drums & vocals, and Tadj bass & vocals. In 2009, the band added Gary Krupski on horns and vocals, 2010 Robin Pegg on accordion & vocals.