Track List:

1. Giant Step

2. Bottoms Up

3. My Guardian Angel

4. Chrome Dome

5. Losing You

6. Take Me Home Oberek

7. Two Michaels

8. The Things You Use To Say

9. Alvin's

10. Iron Casket Oberek

11. My Girl

12. Boys from Laboga

13. Happy & Rich Polka Medley (Tribute to Happy Richie's Polka Band)



  • SNCD-259 - Giant Step Polka3:30
  • SNCD-259 - Two Michaels Polka2:38

Special Delivery, Buffalo’s most versatile Polish American band, has released its first studio recording, “Blueprints for Dancing.”

The CD is a collection of modern and traditional Polish American polka, oberek, and waltz music.

The CD contains 18 songs, six of which are in a medley called “Happy and Rich,” a tribute to Buffalo Polka Legend “Happy Richie.”

An original waltz by band members Ted Szymanski and Mark Kohan, “My Guardian Angel,” contains a verse of a treasured Polish prayer, known to almost every Polish American.

All members of Special Delivery sing in both Polish and English. Polish vocals on the CD include the sing-along “Bottoms Up,”  “Two Michaels,” and “Boys from Laboga,” which is based on Polish folk song. English-language vocals are “Giant Step,” “Losing You,” and “The Things You Used to Say.”

Both obereks — “Take Me Home” and “Iron Casket” — are sung in Polish.

There is also an instrumental polka on the CD, “Chrome Dome,” which showcases the musicianship of saxophone player David Miesowicz, and trumpet Jay Skiba.

“Blueprints for Dancing” was recorded at Max Studios in Lancaster, N.Y., is on the Sunshine record label, SNCD 259.